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Libreoffice-Addon for Qualitative Data Analysis

QDA Tag Tree for LibreOffice

Many researchers use word processors for analysis to analyse qualitative data, since they are wide spread and flexible.

QDA Tag Tree builds on that and enhances LibreOffice Writer (a free word processor): It adds a sidebar that allows you to view all your codes (also called tags here, since they are written as #hashtags).

Screenshot of the extension; shows LibreOffice comments and a tree view

The codes are written in the standard comments, so transcribed text and codes can stay separate.

Download and installation

🡇 QDA Tag Tree Release

Requires LibreOffice Writer 5.3

  1. Download the .oxt file from the link above (not the .zip or .tar)
  2. Double click the .oxt file to install it
  3. Restart LibreOffice Writer


Open QDA tag tree: Open LibreOffice writer and click on the QDA Tag tree icon in the sidebar (usually at the right side of the writer window): QDA Tag Tree icon

You won’t see anything interesting, because you have not coded your data yet.

Create comments: Mark a text you want to code and create a comment (Ctrl+Alt+C)

Writing Codes: Assign your codes: Just write a #Hashtag in the comment. QDA Tag Tree will recognize these as codes. The content of a comment can thus look like this:

#fun #analysis

Other text in comments with the #hashtags works, too:

#fun #analysis Note to self: Is fun the right code here? I think we might want to discuss its definition.

You can also create sub codes that will show as child codes in the tree:

#fun #analysis#review

Which will create a tree-group with text-sections coded with #fun and another tree-group #analysis with a child group #review. This way you can keep the overview.

Don’t forget to press update to update the tag tree.

Review Codes: If you click on an item in the tree that represents coded text (the ones without a fold/unfold icon and a #) you can see the coded text in the upper part of the panel. If “jump to clicked Tag” is checked, it will scroll the document to the coded text.


License: QDA Tag Tree is Open Source Software. Its code is licensed under GPL3.

Thanks Scaffold code was generated using unodit. This projects would not have been possible without using unodit.